Important update: the old version is now unsupported, however some customers can still switch back to it if needed.

By the end of December 2019, the old version will be fully removed. You are strongly encouraged to opt into this version as soon as possible so you and your team can familiarize and test the changes while the old version is still available as a fallback. Should you need to revert, please contact us so we can address your issue or concern in the new version.

  • Office 365 calendar integration.
  • Two-way sync of ticket events with Office 365 / Google Calendar.
  • Pull in events from Office 365 / Google Calendar either with full details or free/busy only.
  • Personal Calendars: Ability for any agent to add their own private calendars. Currently, only admins can share these personal calendars with others if desired.
  • The calendar view is now found in the top bar for quicker access, featuring:
    • New day view.
    • Visually change date, time and/or duration inside the calendar.
    • Filter ticket events by ticket view.
    • Create a new ticket with an event from inside a calendar by clicking and dragging.
  • From existing tickets with events, quickly jump to that event in the top bar calendar to change date, time or duration by clicking 'edit in calendar'.
  • From existing tickets, attach an event quickly by selecting a calendar and then clicking 'create in calendar'.
  • Ability for agents to use a different time zone for viewing and creating calendar events than their profile setting.
  • When using Office 365 or Google Calendar, easily invite ticket requester, assignee and/or collaborators on the event.

How to enable this new version

Only Zendesk admins can enable release and when doing so, it will take effect for all users in the account.

From the left-hand bar calendar icon, click on Manage calendars. On the Admin tab, toggle Opt into using the new version and click Save settings. Please be sure to refresh your Zendesk tab to reload the app and enable the new top bar location.

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  • Great update guys!

    Keep up the good work!

  • Can you go back to the old version after enabling the new version? 

    When is production version ready?



  • Hi Thomas, yes you can currently switch the new version on and off under the admin tab. There are already people using it in production so feel free to try it, we've been holding off making a lot of noise about it to allow for a more gradual uptake.

  • Hi Peter,

    Is there the possibility to erase a planned event in the Calendar app?

    Before there was an option to delete the event. Can't find it now.


  • Hi,

    The notifications "Ended a day ago, start in ... days, ... " on the previous app was also very interesting.

    I think I'm missing that now in the new app.

  • Hi Thomas, yes in the new version the are some small things that have changed, or, like the "ended a day ago" image above, that is not at feature parity. We are planning to add this one back in. 

    Regarding deleting an item, the current way to do this is to remove the date from the sidebar and then submit the ticket like this: 

  • @Thomas as per your earlier request, the notification banner at the top is here :-) ...

  • Can I set up calenders for Light Agents?


  • And can we get light agents to approve the calender sync?


  • Hi Simon, yes you can either setup global calendars that light agents can use or you can allow all agents (including light agents) to sync up their own personal calendars. You'll just need to turn the feature on under settings as per the image below. See this article for more information on personal calendars. 


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