You may require to automatically add multiple tasks lists to one ticket depending on your use case. There are two options and workflows to achieve this and this article will cover how to add multiple task lists in a specific order at once.

If you require to add a new set of task lists once a previous task has been completed, please see this guide: Perform actions once a task is completed

How to add task lists in a specific order

Please follow our guide on how to automatically add a task list to a ticket, for the first task list you would like to add.

Once your trigger has been created with the first task list, we can now use this same trigger to add the other task lists to the same ticket, and in a specific order.

Please keep this trigger open in a different tab in your browser.

First we need to find the task list IDs of each task list you would like to add to your ticket.

In a different browser tab to your trigger, open the tasks app, click Task lists in the left side menu and then click a task list you would like to add. At the bottom of the page, below all the tasks, will be an ID.

Copy this number, along with any additional IDs from other task lists you will want to add to the same ticket. The order of these IDs is important.

Now we have the task IDs, open the tab we have left open with the trigger settings and add the IDs to the webhook action at the bottom separated by comma. The order of the IDs here will be the order that your task lists will appear on the ticket.

Save the trigger and it's ready to go!

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