Our new Future Tickets app has been completely remade so it's now even easier to create tickets in the future with all the information you will need.

New updates include:

  • Intuitive Ticket Templates - Our new ticket forms have been redesigned to have flexibility over all ticket fields and includes powerful placeholders that can be added from a simple drop down.

  • New User Interface (UI) - Updated with all our new SweetHawk apps, the Future Tickets app has a new Admin User Interface which provides easy management of your workflows.

  • Improved Search & Filtering - A new search feature and filter options have been added so you can find the tickets you are looking for in no time!

  • Default time and duration - Save precious mouse clicks and set a default time and duration when creating new future tickets. Ideal if you commonly set a future ticket for the same time of day or timeframe in the future.

  • Additional App Managers - You can now setup multiple managers of the app, so anyone you specify will be able to manage and setup ticket templates and see ticket monitoring.

  • Audit Log - A new admin area now shows a useful audit log of all creates and updates of rules on your account.

Migrating to the New App:

For a seamless transition, we recommend installing the new app from the Zendesk Marketplace on your Sandbox account first to test the rules.

If you don't have a Zendesk Sandbox, you can install the new app alongside the old one for testing purposes. Please ensure the new app has a different name as the old app when installing to avoid any conflicts.

Contact us for an extended trial on the new app; we do not charge for testing instances.

Ongoing Support:

While we have no plans to end support for the legacy Future Tickets app, we will focus on updating and adding new features exclusively to the new version.

Upgrade to the New Future Tickets App Today!

Make the most of the enhanced features and improved usability by upgrading to the new Future Tickets app. Install it today from the Zendesk Marketplace and experience a more efficient way to manage your Zendesk notifications.

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