Inspection and testing of field rules

Our Field Rules app has full logging available and shows which rules are active on the ticket you are currently looking at. Plus you can impersonate any agent in your Zendesk to see what they will see, this will be important when testing new rules that affect certain agents.


Mandatory fields list

On the app sidebar on the right side of your ticket in Zendesk, our Field Rules app will display to every agent when there are mandatory fields on the ticket they are currently viewing. The app will be hidden to agents if there are no mandatory fields for the current situation.

Rule list

For administrators and managers of the app, the app will always show and additionally display which rules are active on the ticket at the time with a green tick. Identifying if rules are working or troubleshooting field behaviors has never been easier!


If you require to test rules as certain agents for particular scenarios on a ticket, you can click the Impersonate drop down in the app and select which agent you would like to view the ticket as.

Checking logs from the app

Console logging is available for advanced troubleshooting issues with browser or plugin inferences. Once the checkbox is ticked for Enable log to console, all actions of the app will be logged in the browser developer console. Please see the following links on how to open your browser console depending on your browser: Chrome | Firefox | Microsoft Edge

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  • Is there a way to hide the "Rules" window in the ticket view? As both an agent and administrator I keep having to press the collapse button every time I re-open a ticket due to the amount of fields and rules we're using. 

    I'd love for this option to either save automatically or maybe have it a bit more hidden by having some kind of on/off button. 

    Other than that, great work refining this app, way snappier and easy to use compared to field conditions. 

  • Hi Jacob, This is great feedback! I don't have an immediate answer, however, I have passed this along to the team. I'm glad you're enjoying the new app. :)


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