Cancelling billing for an individual Zendesk app


Note: this article covers how to cancel billing for an individual app. If you've subscribed to the SweetHawk Super Suite, see this article for information on how to cancel

To cancel billing for a specific app (or to cancel a trial), click the square menu at the top right of the screen and the go into Admin Center like this:


Then under Apps and integrations click into Zendesk Support apps. Next, hover over the app in question and click on the cog. Finally in the menu that appears click on Uninstall like this:





Uninstalling the app will delete all data associated with the app within Zendesk. Your app settings will still be saved, however, any webhooks or placeholders you have used in your triggers or macros will need to be adjusted if you decide to reinstall the app. Zendesk will display a warning should this be the case as seen below.





If you wish to halt billing temporarily, you can instead disable the app which will effectively reduce the number of agents with access to zero until you re-enable it again. This does NOT cancel your subscription, however, it will mean any charges will cease after you receive your next invoice which will more than likely be a credit to your SweetHawk balance for any unused time. (This does not apply if you are subscribed to our Super Suite)

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