Hiding ticket fields when apps have been restricted

Many SweetHawk apps use Zendesk ticket fields behind the scenes. There's a heap of benefits as to why we create apps like this, for example, being able to use the data in those fields throughout the rest of Zendesk such as in macros, triggers, views etc.

For more information on those ticket fields and their benefits, check out this article.

Normally you don't have to worry about those ticket fields getting in the way of your day to day ticket duty because the app is designed to also hide those fields. However, if you've restricted the app to not work for some agents, it means that the app is also not able to hide the fields.

As such, we've released a free app on the marketplace called Hide Ticket Fields

Here is a video of the problem and how the app allows you to solve it...

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  • Thank you for this app. We have ran into one unfortunate scenario:

    When using a macro to create a new ticket, if that macro also changes the form all of the once hidden fields will show up until the ticket is submitted and refreshed. 

  • Hi Kyle, thanks for reporting this. We're looking into it...

  • Hi Kyle, we were able to find the issue you described and have released a fix for it :-) If you have any further problems please email us at support@sweethawk.co and we'll jump right on it. Cheers!

  • Confirmed it is working properly now. Thanks for the fast patch!

  • is it possible to also hide a specific option on a ticket field drop down selection?

  • Hi Leo, thanks for your message. Currently, our apps don't offer the option to hide specific fields in a dropdown selection. I have added this to our feature requests on our side and we could look at adding such options to our apps in future releases.


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