Firstly, here's a quick video showing you how to use the Reminders App:


To add a reminder, in the app on the right of the ticket, simply click on "Add reminder" like this:




Then select the date, time, edit what you want the reminder to say and finally if you'd like anyone else to receive the same reminder you can add them too. Then click 'done' at the bottom.




At that point, your reminder has been created. 

There is also availability to create multiple reminders on the same ticket. Simply click the 'Add reminder' button to add as many as you need.

At the time of the reminder you'll see a sticky popup note appear in your Zendesk instance like this:





In order to see the popup notification you will need to authorise the API for them to work. As a Zendesk administrator, you can make this work by clicking into the Reminders app in the main Zendesk icon bar on the left of the screen. Then under Admin Settings, click Authorize API


You'll also receive an email with the same reminder message.




You can keep track of all your reminder messages by clicking the main reminder icon on the left of the screen like this:




Another great thing the reminders app allows you to do is to create reminders relative to events in other SweetHawk apps. For example, if you're using the Calendar app, you may want to set a reminder for yourself 30 minutes before an event is due to take place. Thankfully this app integrates with the Calendar, Due Time and Deadline app allowing this to be possible. Stay tuned for more information on this in the coming weeks.



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  • Hi Peter, Would it be possible to add some standard buttons to the reminder app such as 'remind in 24 hours, 2 days, 7 days etc screen shot attached. 


  • Hello, my Reminders are using Mountain Time, but my computer and Zendesk are both set as Central Time, is there something I can do to fix this?

  • Hi Alex, I've responded to the ticket you submitted regarding this with a suggestion to check your personal timezone settings. If that doesn't help, then let's continue to work the issue over on the ticket. Cheers :-) 

  • Hello, it says on your website that we can set up triggers for specific things to happen once the deadline is reached. However I cannot find any documentation that explains how to do it in Zendesk admin? I would like to set up tags or reopen a ticket once the deadline is reached please. Thanks

  • Hi Antoine, this would be the Deadline or Timers app you want that allows for workflow within Zendesk. The Reminders app is generally more useful when you need to close a ticket but still wish to receive a reminder at a later date.

  • Hi Antoine ... just to add to Michael's comment there. You can find training on how to do stuff when a deadline hits (ie. the deadline_now tag is applied to the ticket) via the videos / instructions in this kb article on how to use the deadline app. For the Timers app there is an article/video specific to how to setup follow-up timers and do stuff with the timer hits here. If you have any follow-up questions, be sure to email us at .

  • Hi, whats the criteria for seeing other Agents reminders in completed, recent, and upcoming reminders? Ideally I'd like the team to see all reminders for their peers in this location but there doesnt seem to be consistency in what each sees. Thanks

  • Hi Mark, An agent must be added to the reminder in order to see it both on the ticket and in their upcoming list. Only the owner of the reminder can add or remove agents. I will make a note of your feedback and pass it along to the team.


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