Our new Reminders app has been completely remade with new improvements that provide more tools for team collaboration, workflow possibilities and more!

New updates include:

  • New User Interface (UI) - A new and improved UI for both agents and your admins makes viewing your reminders easier than ever! Admins and managers can now monitor all reminders.

  • Team Collaboration - View and interact with reminders other agents have created. Add yourself to receive a notification or mark it as complete.

  • Search Functionality - Never lose a reminder again with new filter options!

  • Default time and duration - Save precious mouse clicks and set a default time and duration when creating new reminders. Ideal if you commonly set a reminder for the same time of day or timeframe in the future.

  • Ticket actions - Create powerful workflows with actionable events. Update the ticket when the reminder is complete, changed, approaching its deadline and when the deadline is hit. Updates can include adding tags, comments, changing the ticket status and much more!

  • User Access Control - Assign users additional access to the app for those who need it. Ideal for managers or team leaders who need to monitor all reminders.

  • Audit Log - A new admin area now shows a useful audit log of all creates and updates of rules on your account. Also includes a diagnostics tool if you encounter an issue with the app.

Migrating to the new app

While the app is production ready, it's not yet publicly available so please contact us for access. Please mention the Zendesk subdomain you need access for. If you have a sandbox, we recommend starting there.

Ongoing support

While we have no current plans to end support for the legacy Reminders app, we will focus on updating and adding new features exclusively to the new version.

Upgrade to the new Reminders app today

Make the most of the enhanced features and improved usability by upgrading to the new Reminders app. Install it today from the Zendesk Marketplace and experience a more efficient way to manage your reminders within Zendesk.

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