Is there a new version of the app I'm currently using? 

There are new versions for the current list of apps: 

Tasks, Reminders, Field Conditions, Future Tickets, Recurring Tickets & Notify. 

Soon to be released are:

Survey & Approve. 


How do I know if I'm using the latest version of a SweetHawk app? 

Currently, you can tell you're using a new version by the icon. Current version apps have a light blue icon like this:


New versions of apps will have icons that look like this: 


In future, we will also be including a notification inside your app admin letting you know if you can and should be thinking about upgrading.


How do install the latest version of the app I want? 

Our new apps are not available publically through the Marketplace just yet so you can contact us directly and we'll provide a special link for you to install the app.


I'm currently subscribed to the Super Suite. Do I get access to the latest versions of the apps? 

Yes. The Super Suite subscription includes all our apps and any new apps we build. 



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