Reporting Recipe: Know which agents *actually* completed each task (Insights)

Notice: "Insights" is being replaced by "Zendesk Explore" soon. As such we recommend building your reports with the new software. We have an article which shows how to build a similar report in Explore here


In the past, it's been difficult to report on who completed what. Usually, it was done by building a report measuring tasks broken down by the assignee. The problem with that is that someone else might have helped that assignee and completed some of their tasks. 

That means the assignee was getting credit for doing stuff they didn't actually do!

Not very fair, ha!?

This article shows you how to build a report that identifies which agents actually completed individual tasks.

Here's what it could look like for a couple of agents: 

This report is looking at tasks completed on a daily basis. We can see that on day 112, Vincent completed 4 tasks and Peter completed 8. Those tasks may have all been performed on the same ticket!


To create an insights report first you'll need to head over to GoodData by following these 3 steps... 


Now before we can build a report we'll need to create the metric that will be used in the report building process. First, follow these 3 steps to get into the metric builder screen. 

In this screen, at the top, call the metric "Tasks checked off". Then click on 'Edit' to create it.

Writing this metric is a bit tricky, so to show you how to build it here's a gif that demonstrates each step:


It should end-up looking precisely like this: 

If the colours don't match up, or you miss a comma or bracket, it won't work - so you need to make sure it's exact.

Great! Now that you've created the metric, it's all downhill from here. 

Follow these 2 steps to get to the report building screen.


Now give the report a name (eg. "Tasks checked off by updater"), click "What" and search for the metric we just made called "Tasks checked off" and check the box next to it.

Now, in the "How" section, this is where you can choose what you want to break the report down by. From the list choose "Updater". You'll also need to choose a timeframe. In the example below we chose "Day of Year (Ticket Updated)". However if you just search for "Ticket Updated" you'll see you have other options, eg. Month/Year (Ticket Updated).

You'll now see a table of the raw data. Click one of the pictographs at the top right to the desired configuration - we recommend "Stacked bar chart". 

And once you're happy with how it looks click on "Create" (or Save) at the top right. 

Woohoo! You're done! You'll now be able to add this report to any of your dashboards.


Important Note: This report is pretty cool, however, t has a limitation around deleted tasks. For example: If an agent creates 5 tasks on a ticket and checks them all off, but then later comes back to the ticket and deletes one of those tasks, this report will still include that information (ie. it'll tell you they've completed 5 tasks). This could mean there is discrepancies between how many tasks the report says are completed and how many tasks you can see checked off on a ticket.

Side note: There is also a report you can build that will identify agents who might abuse this limitation. The report would compare total tasks with completed tasks and identify any tickets where the later is greater.


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