Creating reports in Zendesk Insights for all your Calendar App data.

Notice: "Insights" is being replaced by "Zendesk Explore" soon. As such, we recommend building your reports with the new software. We have an article which shows how to build similar reports in Explore here


To create an insights report first you'll need to head over to GoodData by following these 3 steps... 


Now before we can build a report we'll need to create a metric that will be used in the report building process. Don't worry it's pretty easy - just follow these 3 steps to get into the metric builder screen. 


In this screen, at the top call the metric "Calendar Event time (mins)".

Then in the box below type in "SELECT SUM (" 

Finally, we'll need to pull in the Zendesk field that stores the calendar event time, so on the right of the screen click on "Facts".


In the list, you'll need to double click on "Calendar event duration". If should appear in the text section as blue text. 

If you can't find "Calendar event duration" in the list you may have just installed the calendar app and the data hasn't yet ported across to GoodData. You'll need to wait up to 24 hours before this takes place. 


Finally, you'll need to close the bracket around "Calendar event duration" and save the metric.


AWESOME! You're now ready to create your first calendar report.

Follow these 2 steps to get to the report building screen.


Now give the report a name, click "What" and search for the metric we just made called "Calendar Event time (mins)".


Now, in the "How" section, first select "Calendar Name"...


Then select "Month/Year (Ticket Calendar event date). Or feel free to choose a different time differentiator if you'd like to break up the events into smaller periods like quarters, weeks or dates.

Finally click, "Done" at the bottom right.


You'll now see a table of all of the time spent on each calendar, broken down by month. Click one of the pictographs at the top right to the desired configuration.


And once you're happy with how it looks click on "Create". 

Woohoo! You're done! You'll just need to give it a name, and then you'll be able to add your report to any of your dashboard tabs like any other report. 

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  • This is really out of date. Can you update it to show how to get this data from the current ZenDesk Explore?

  • Hi Mike, thanks for posting. We've written an article here showing how to build reports in Zendesk Explore for the Calendar app. Let us know how you go :-) 


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