Setting up and using the Survey App

The survey app allows you to ask 0 - 10 questions at the completion of each ticket. Those scores can then either be translated into satisfaction scores visible on the ticket or over in insights you can calculate things like *NPS®, averages, breakdowns and more. You can even define the look and feel of the survey based on the brand of the ticket! 

This comes in super handy for companies that want to get more granular with the sentiment of their customers than Zendesk's existing 'Good' or 'Bad' sat ratings. It can also help companies that want to ask their customers for an NPS score after every ticket. 

So... how do you setup your surveys? It's a 3 step process...

Step 1: Copy a placeholder into your satisfaction trigger/automation 

Step 2: Define the look of the survey under the 'Brands' tab

Step 2a (optional): Define translations of the survey for all languages currently switched on

Step 3: Define your survey settings


Note: When installing the app, it is not recommended that you restrict the survey app to any specific role or group of agents because the app will not be able to hide the app's ticket fields for the agents who have been restricted. The app actually contains it's own restriction settings where you can do this while retaining the required functionality for all of your Zendesk users.


*Net Promoter® and NPS® are registered trademarks of Satmetrix Systems, Inc., Bain & Company and Fred Reichheld.


Step 1: The most important part of the survey app is to actually send it. The way that we do this is to add the placeholder {{dc.survey_app_snippet}} to the trigger or automation that you want to send the survey.

If you're already using Zendesk CSAT ratings, then all you'll need to do is go into the trigger or automation you have sending it and replace the placeholder {{satisfaction.rating_section}} with {{dc.survey_app_snippet}}

Note: Just like any trigger, if you don't want it to fire on some tickets (.ie you don't want to send the survey for some tickets eg. for tickets solved using AnswerBot), then design your trigger so that it doesn't fire in those circumstances.

Also note: You can not copy and paste the placeholder {{dc.survey_app_snippet}} directly into the thread of the ticket. While doing this will still send the survey, Zendesk changes the HTML to make it appear in a less than optimal way.



Step 2: The next step is to define what your survey landing page looks like. This is where your customer is sent after they click on 0-10 in the trigger email you defined in step 1.

So to do this click on the survey app icon on the left of the screen and this click on the 'Brands' tab. If you have multiple brands you'll be able to change the colours, logos and other details for each one. If you only have one brand, no problems! You'll only see the one ;-)

To edit a brand's survey landing page simply click the "edit" button on the right like this: 




As you can see below, in the edit screen you can upload your desired logo & colour, set the URL that your customer will be redirected to after they fill out the survey, and define the wording of both your questions.




Once you're happy with your settings, click 'save' at the bottom. You can then preview what your survey landing page will look like by clicking the eye icon on the right of the "brands" tab like this.




And a screen will pop-up to show your preview like this:




If you'd like to brand the URL of the survey landing page contact us at and we'll help you get that setup.


Step 2a: If you require translations of the survey, see this article for instructions on how to set this up.



Step 3: Once you're happy with the look of the survey lets make sure you're happy with the settings. 

Click on the settings tab at the top like this:



Here you can decide if you want the satisfaction score to translate to a Zendesk good or bad satisfaction rating. And if you do, you also get to decide the threshold. In the image above, anything 7 and above will come through as a good satisfaction on the ticket. 

If you'd only like to ask one question instead of two, uncheck the 'secondary NPS question'. 

If you'd prefer to only ask the NPS question once every now and again instead of on every ticket, just select a minimum time that should expire before they will see that part of the survey like this:




Another option here is to show a summary of what the ticket was about at the bottom of the landing page. If you'd like to remove that from the survey screen, simply uncheck the box.


One small, but, far-reaching option in your settings, is to turn on ticket tagging like this: 




By turning this on, any ticket that has been rated by a requester will have corresponding tags automatically added to the ticket. For example, if a sat score of 8 was given and an organisation score (ie. NPS score) of 10 was given, then the ticket will have the tags ticket_score_8 and org_score_10 added to it like this:




This may not seem like much, but what this means is that you can now build views, triggers and automations to do stuff based on the precise scores given. 

For example, if you wanted to notify the whole company via slack and escalate the ticket to URGENT for all tickets rated from 0-3 then you could do this with a trigger!

For examples and instructions on how to build workflows using the survey tags see this article.




Okay! You're probably now ready to start sending surveys :-)

Now it's on and upwards to actually using the app. Have a look at this article to see how the app works in action


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  • It would be nice to be able to ask more than the 2 native questions..

  • Hi Raphael, thanks for this feedback. I'll make a note of this for potential future improvements. For the moment, we've kept things simple as we find it helps improve the response rate.

  • Is it possible to change the default question for either the sat survey or the nps question if we wanted to word it differently?

  • Hi Sarah, yes you are able to change the wording of either question under the 'Translations' section of the admin screen. You can also translate the survey into any of the 47 languages you have turned on in Zendesk too. Here's an article showing an example of how to repurpose one of the questions to ask a customer effort score. 

  • Does minimum time between NPS surveys per user prevent the entire survey from being sent on more than one ticket in the timeframe or only after a response is received for one of the tickets in the timeframe? 

  • Hi Tierra, the survey email is typically sent via an automation which cannot be limited. Any workaround would be within Zendesk rather than a setting within the app. I've heard people have had success with the following article if you wish to explore restricting survey emails by date:

  • Can we edit score from 0-10 to 1-5?

  • Hi Ariya, only 0-10 score ratings are available for the survey questions.


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