Limitations of Zendesk and the Brand Manager app

Since the brand manager app is building on an existing workaround in Zendesk, there are things that Zendesk simply can't do which place limitations on what the app is capable of. 

  • 1. This app is not able to brand ALL emails that are sent out of your help desk. It can only brand emails sent out using Triggers and Automations. The following system emails...

    - CCs ... Any email that gets sent to a CC on a ticket.
    - Welcome emails
    - Verification emails
    - Password reset emails

    ...will only use the global email template. Unfortunately, there is no provision in Zendesk to be able to change the look of these emails. As such they will fall back on your global template, and (if following these instructions) will look something like this.

  • 2. There is a physical limit to the size of a trigger (8192 characters) ... at any point, you can check the size of a specific trigger by clicking on the "Notification Content" tab and then hovering over the custom branding icon like this: 


  • 3. The app will only push branding content to the first email notification box in each trigger or automation. If you have a trigger or automation that under "Perform the following conditions" is set to send out email notifications to many different parties, the brand manager app will ignore all of the email notification boxes after the first one listed.  

  • 4. The is not currently able to brand answer bot triggers. In order to brand these emails, the only workaround is to copy the contents of another trigger (that's already been branded by the app) and then replace the contents of what is "said" (outside of the HTML) with the answer bot text. 

    As such it's best to deal with this trigger last after you're happy with the branding you're seeing in other triggers/automations and are unlikely to need to make any further changes to limit the manual work of copying and pasting. 


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