13 Dec, 2022 - Timers app: Improvements to UI & usability

New features have been released into the Timers app that are designed to improve the app's usability and UI.

Key improvements include:

Vertical timeline:

The events of a timer are now shown in a vertical collapsable timeline like this:  


Events combined for the same timer: 

Note in the image above, if the same timer definition is stopped and restarted, this will now all happen as part of the one timeline, rather than appearing as separate timers.


Ability to edit timers mid-flight: 

You now have the ability to edit a timer duration while it is running. This is only the case for timers where permission has been enabled like this: 



Ability to import your existing schedules from Zendesk:

Rather than needing to create your schedules from scratch, you can import your existing schedules that you've already set up in Zendesk: 



Start/Stop trigger links:

The create start/stop triggers buttons more prominent within the Timer definitions screen like this: 


Note that once a trigger has been created a link remains within the app to that trigger. 


Timer colours:

You now have the ability to change the colours for when a duration is on-time or over-time like this: 


These new features are designed to make the Timers app even more useful and user-friendly, and we hope that you will enjoy them. If you have any feedback or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Thank you for using the Timers app!

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